A downloadable Whiz for Windows

Whiz is a physics based puzzle-platformer, using shooting feedback to move, jump and fly. Make your way through the game levels facing different puzzles, mechanics and enemies.

Install instructions

Unzip and play!

All you need is to press mouse left button to shoot and move toward the levels

The game is made such as you can never get stuck, but you can always restart the level with "R" key
Hold Escape button if you want to exit the game
Use F1 and F2 to go to the previous/next level


Whiz 4 MB


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I think the game has a great art style and orginal mechanic, though I would pick a different sound for the shooting. I would also add a number somewhere in a corner to indicate the level and a menu where you can select a level. Perhaps also change the hold esc to just tap esc to return to the main menu. I made it to the level in the picture below, but I don't really have an indication of whether that is almost at the end or somewhere in the middle.