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This game's hero is a piece of paper that found itself in the middle of Zanga Game Jam and needs to escape a room full of dangerous objects that threatens the survival of the hero.

In his journey it will encounter heat, humidity, liquids, and even fire, to finally reach his destination... or will he?

This game is developed by Xerise Studio in Zanga Game Jam 2017 in Algeria.

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Install instructions

just unzip it and play, use the arrows to move and the mouse to selec t between the choices


Xerise_PaperEscapeV1.5.zip 134 MB


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Thank you for an awesome game really enjoyed it, keep up the great work,

Cute! Nice!!

loved how you cared about tiny details like the coffee thing :).  good job, and congratz on winning the Zanga


Gave it a go...

very nice! i loved it

Cute little game, easy to navigate. Controls are easy to get used to. Loved the music!